Dr. André Rizzuti

André Rizzuti is a doctor graduated from UNESA, professor of postgraduate courses (PG) in sports medicine, weight loss and metabolism and sports nutrition at Uniguaçu/FAESI and is involved in research in PG programs in pharmacology, clinical analysis and toxicology.

He is the author of 4 published books, one of the bestsellers on the interpretation of laboratory tests beyond reference values. His other highly regarded publications are the volumes focused on the topic: Testosterone and anabolic androgenic hormones, covering the scenarios from deficiency to replacement and from use to abuse. Books very well received by all professionals from different medical specialties, with unique, grounded and impartial information.

It operates by valuing ethics and evidence-based medicine, going against all bad practices of scientific marketing, involving prescriptions and conduct that aim more at profit than at the patient's well-being, something that unfortunately is becoming more and more frequent.

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